Monday, June 4, 2012

Arduino - The Do-Everything Microcontroller

In my wild hunt for robotic excellence, I came across the Arduino platform for robotics.  The Arduino is a microcontroller that is designed to be easy to use, program, wire-up and generally work with.  In search of a microcontroller, I ordered a version of the Arduino from, called the DFRduino Romeo.  This particular version comes with two motor controllers built onto the board for easy access.  Otherwise, I would have had to build an H-Bridge circuit to control the motors.  Here is a picture of the Romeo in all of its glory:
Along with the Romeo, I ordered a robot platform called the Magician Chassis.  It is a small two wheeled chassis with motors included and an omni-wheel in front.  It is made with hobbyists in mind and is therefore perfect for my application.  Here is a picture of the Magician Chassis:
After everything arrived, I decided to put it all together and wire it up.  I have run some programs on it, but I will talk about those later...  Here is a picture of what my robot looks like now:

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