Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Sentience Stack

A good friend of mine, Eric Neuman, has proposed a roadmap to a living, motivated, creative, sentient being built entirely with Artificial Intelligence and computers.  The best part about the project is that it is open source (meaning github)!  The project is just beginning, but really seems to have legs.  Here is a more apt description of the project:

via simpleactually:
Artificial intelligence sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Machines that can solve problems on their own or answer questions for us would represent an enormous leap forward for all of mankind. The problem is, artificial intelligence as it exists today is not very flexible. Today, AIs are trading stocks, beating you at video games, filtering spam out of your email and handling a myriad of other tasks, each one specialized for its particular chore.  
Therein lies the rub, each AI needs to be custom built by a programmer specializing in artificial intelligence or machine learning.  In other words, it is currently possible to build machines that learn, but these machines can not learn how to learn.  If we want machines that can truly solve problems, answer questions on their own, and eventually grow to be sentient minds, we need to overcome that obstacle.  
I am joining in on this project and would encourage others interested in Artificial Intelligence to do the same.  Read more about the project at Eric's blog and get involved!

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